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Hi and welcome to my website!



I am a Fine Art graduate of University of the Arts, London: Chelsea College of Art.

I create work in many different media, from small pen and watercolour illustrations, to a wooden human hamster wheel. I am making work inspired by my hometown of Hastings, by nature and my experience as an identical twin.

I have been busy working on commissions since December 2016. These include including children's book, personalised prints, original artworks, and wall murals.

Have a spare few minutes? Why don't you give my PECHAKUCHA presentation about being a twin a listen?

Click here to listen to The Troubled Double

ellie self portrait.jpg
Self portrait, 2018
Me and my cat Egg


What are you delivery terms?
Delivery is free...yay!


How do I return an item?


Just send us an email to and we'll arrange a return with you.



What is your returns policy?


We are sure you'll be happy with your order - but if for any reason you aren't we'll try to find a resolution for you.

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